Unusual Look Of Butterfly Wings

Photographer and biologist Linden Gladhill decided to shoot the wings of various butterflies with 7-17 zoom, and shares his works with us.

Butterfly wings are covered with scales and have pollen on the surface. Any other animal representative in the world doesn’t have this feature. The number of scales can be very large - a few hundred thousand on some species.

The form and purpose of the scales is different. Pigment and optical scales determine the color of the wings. At different angles the illumination of butterfly wings acquires new colors and shades. Tropical butterflies differ with specific beauty of metallic-shiny and iridescent wings.

Scales laid on butterfly wings resemble tiles on the roof; often brightly colored they form lines, spots, stripes, and curves - all that is called "wing pattern". The number and position of the pattern is different, even in closely related species. Eyes, holes, stains and lines may change the location, moving in different directions or simply disappearing.

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