The Purple Beauty of Lavender Fields

Valensole in summer is literally immerses in the fragrant of the most beautiful plantations lavender. In the Lavender Museum tourists can see old stills and buy cosmetics with lavender.

The flowering period of lavender in Provence lasts from June to August. If you want to be sure to see the picturesque beauty of purple fields you need to plan the journey from mid-June to mid-July. In late July the lavender is mowed. Also be careful, you can meet wasps, scorpions and snakes in a big quantity on the fields.

The way to observe the fields while driving a car is the most convenient. This method of transportation allows you to see the nooks of the Provence, as well as to choose the most interesting place for photo shoot: flower fields occupy fairly large area. You can hit the road on a bike, but you must remember about steep descents and climbs. There are also paved hiking trails which are marked with colored pointers depending on the degree of difficulty.

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