The Most Remote Beach

This is really a magnificent place; just have a look on the pictures and imagine you sunbathing on the sand not touched with human feet.

In fact Honopu consists of two beaches with majestic 365 meters height sea cliffs behind them. These beaches are separated by an arch. Around the corner there is a large waterfall cascading down the sea cliff through the arch into the ocean.

In the Hawaiian language, Honopu means "shell of a gastropod". The beach has received this name because of the sound similar to the one that is emitted when you blow into a shell. This sound appears because of the north winds blowing on the beach and passing through the archway.

Journey to the beach Honopu is most definitely not an adventure for everyone. Due to the fact that you can get to the beach only by swimming, you have to be a great swimmer wearing appropriate equipment. In addition, around the island there can be strong undercurrents, even if the ocean seems calm. In summer, when the ocean is quiet, some people overcome the way to the beach through the rocks and sand along the cliffs of Honopu.

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