The Life Of Bears Alpinists

The mother can’t always help because of a difference in size and strength between the opposite sexes. After the cubs come from their dens they may also meet wolves in the close vicinity.

In short, steep slopes are the safest place. Such families move very slowly and can spend up to several days in one place. Moreover, there is not plenty of food, and they rescue themselves with last year's reserves of fat.

Not for a long time they can climb down to the lake, where the mother bear swims and leads the cubs through dry grassy meadows. In the evening the bears once again climb up the steep slope of a nearby mountain and disappear.

In fact, large bear families are very rare, and researches have never seen the family with more than 4 cubs. The "hotbed" of such a multiple pregnancy is the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve. This is due to the abundance of fattening food (fish, nuts, cedar, berries, sea wash-outs), and most importantly – this is not the place for bear hunting, so they can be safe.

Sometimes the bear decides to spend the night in the overgrown with alder elfin rock in the middle snowfield on a steep slope. The cubs are brave in a dangerous place, where avalanches happen even in June. It is very risky, but babies use their claws masterly to grab onto the ground.

At times when they don’t want to walk a long way, they just slide down the hill on their butts. If they happen to meet a male bear they try to hide in the thickets. Although not all male bears eat cubs, still they do not want to try their fate.

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