Scientists Have Told About the Origin Of Figures On the Nazca Plateau

Who and why has created these amazing and accurate gigantic figures? Scientists are trying to answer these questions giving rise to ever new hypotheses.

In the annual archeological conference in the United States, a group of Japanese scientists have put forward a new hypothesis that the geoglyphs were created by two groups of local tribes.

Traditionally, it is believed that the geoglyphs were created by residents of Peru during the period from 200 BC to 600 AD. The largest of the geoglyphs has size of more than 200 meters. Scientists suggest that the images had a religious purpose.

Japanese archaeologists studying the figures have found that all of them can be divided into four groups according to the manner of execution. In one case, the stones that outlined drawings were laid outside, in a different group from the inside.

It is curious that in every technology there are images of both animate and inanimate objects. All geoglyphs groups are named according to the style of execution. Group "B" is located near the Nazca Valley (this group contains most unusual geoglyphs, according to some researchers, depicting extraterrestrial beings).

As suggested by Japanese archaeologists, the images on the Nazca are the result of a collaborative work of several tribes dwelling in the area.

It seems that the images served as a guide for pilgrims, as they were created along the ancient complex of religious buildings Cahuachi. Thus, the ancient inhabitants of Nazca cared about their neighbors, and this has contributed to the union and the implementation of the work, the results of which still excite the minds of researchers.

The plateau stretching for 50 km from north to south and 5-7 km from west to east contains about 30 drawings of animals and plants, as well as 700 geometric shapes and more than 13 thousand lines.

Geoglyphs are preserved since ancient times due to arid climate. Since the images reach hundreds of meters in length it is difficult to recognize them from the ground, officially they were only discovered in the 20th century from the air.

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