Multi-Colored Corn Appeared In Oklahoma

Corn kind “Glass Gem” is the result of old approaches to genetic modification and breeding of crops. It provides a wide variety of translucent ears of the most incredible colors and each of them is unique.

These corn grains can be grind for grits, or used to make popcorn, but in contrast to sweet corn they can’t be eaten just so.

The unusual rainbow beauty has made it one of the newest tools to create works of decorative art.

The farmer was advised to sell colored corn to everyone. The seeds went to Kenya, Mexico, Israel, India, and other places so that more people can find out about this rainbow miracle.

Glass Gem is one of the nearly 2000 unique and rare species of corn. Native Seeds Organization maintains, distributes and documents all the types of agricultural seeds and their wild relatives. They study the role these seeds in cultures of south-eastern United States and north-western Mexico. Now the demand for product is so big that the organization does not have time to produce it in sufficient quantities.

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