Hundred Stepped Gardens in Japan

The architect agreed with the authorities to turn the terrain, mutilated by people because of construction activity, into a new place where everyone could meet and relax. But before the construction of the park was completed in 1995, the Awaji Island and the area around Kobe suffered a powerful earthquake, which took lives of more than 6,000 people. This forced the architect to reconsider the plans of building the park turning it into a memorial. Now the complex has a hotel, a conference center, a small amphitheater, restaurants and squares.

And one of the most striking features of the area is 100 stepped gardens - a group of small square flower beds on the hillside behind the hotel, located on several levels. All the squares are decorated with flowers all year round, acting as a "symbol of calming the souls of those who lost their lives in the disaster".

The stairs are built in such a way that people visiting the garden can walk through all of hundred flower beds. The garden is linked to other parts of the project with 10 meter cascades of continuously flowing water. The elevator takes visitors to the top level of the big flower garden, where they can observe the spectacular creation.

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