Hobbits Village in New Zealand

When Peter Jackson saw the nearby sheep farm and a pasture from a helicopter, he understood that that is the perfect place for filming - emerald hills, a pond and a large tree. The project was so important to New Zealand that the government was actively participating in the construction of the roads and necessary infrastructure.

For the filming of "The Lord of the Rings" they built 44 house-holes. According to the contract, after the completion of filming they had to be destroyed, but because of the heavy rains the demolition stalled. Meanwhile, the fans got wind of the town and began to arrive there. Local travel agency quickly realized that this is a gold mine, and after a year of negotiations with the owner of the farm, they received the permission to open an attraction Hobbiton Movie Set.

Yet, the holes were in poor condition: they were made of the "cinematic" materials like plaster and paper-mache, and quickly began to break down. Fortunately, all the holes were rebuilt with usage of stone, wood and concrete, and they surely can stand safe another 50 years.

Hobbiton looks impressive and very realistic: wickets, benches, garden vegetables, clay pots and many other pieces of design which make the place look lively.

The fences, enclosing hobbit houses, are covered with lichen. Wherever you look, it seems that hobbits really live there; they just left in business and will soon come back.

Some holes have "normal" size - the adult could easily go through the door, only slightly bending. Some of them are even registered with the local city council as residential premises.

During pre-production there were some problems with a pond. The frogs bred were quickly and started croaking loudly. Jackson ordered to catch them all, but instead of deportation and sending them to French restaurant, the toads were kept in captivity and then released back into the pond.

As they say, the location was chosen primarily because of the huge tree growing there - it was called the Party Tree in the film - Hobbits were celebrating holidays and other events around it. And truly the place is fantastic and eye-catching.

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