A Snail At Home Serves As A Slow Meditation

In addition, they have the ability to settle nerves and destress.

The main advantages of these pets are their simple tastes to the conditions of maintenance. Small aquariums or terrariums of a few tens of liters are very comfortable for them. It is clear that such a pet doesn’t need to have everyday walk like a dog for example. The food is also very cheap: the snail can be fed once in a week with a cabbage leaf or a piece of zucchini. If you need to go in a trip or vacation, the snail will easily live without you for a week.

The most popular among the snails is Achatina - the largest and most diverse of the home land snails. Snail’s shell color varies from yellow-brown to light beige or off-white.

Contrary to popular belief, a snail requires communicating, including tactile contact. If you put a snail on a palm, it may first be frightened, but soon after realizing that there is no danger, it will pop out of the shell and start to crawl on the hand, studying the space around. The feelings from touching a snail are quite pleasant: its skin is cool, slightly moist and velvety, full of small bumps.

Achatina snails are even famous for their kind of "intelligence": this pet quickly learns to recognize the owner by smell and heat sensations, and begins to reach out for the master and happily crawls on the hand.

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