10 Interesting Facts About Ferrets

Ferrets were tamed more than 2 thousand years ago. They helped the men in the hunt. Hunters carried them in small cages or bags, and when discovering the rabbit hole they let a ferret inside. After a while, the rabbit jumped through another entrance, chased by the ferret, and a hunter could either shoot or let dogs catch it.

It is interesting that almost all ferrets are born white and very small - they can be placed in a teaspoon. There can be up to 15 cubs in one litter. The color of their hair begins to change at the age of about 3 weeks.

Ferrets love to sleep a lot and they do that almost for 20 hours a day. And the owners call it "dead sleep" and are scared when they see this for the first time. If you try to awaken a ferret, it might take you up to several minutes. It seems that it is dead or fainted, however after some time it will open its eyes.

But when the ferret does not sleep, it behaves very active. It is a constant runner and jumper. Many people keep these animals free - without a cage, and like a cat they can sleep in a small box.

Remember that a ferret is a burrowing animal. And if it finds a narrow gap between the furniture and nooks, it will certainly put its curious nose there, risking to get stuck. Besides, the ferrets have quite sharp teeth and like to chew plastic, rubber, wood, and upholstery. So it is better to keep a ferret in a large cage equipped with a drinker, a bowl for food, house and hammock. Ferrets love to sleep and live in hammocks.

Many people get wrong and think that ferrets are rodents, but that is not true. They belong to the weasel family. Ferrets eat rodents - mice, campagnol. In contrast to rodents, ferrets are carnivores, they are not physically capable of digestion plants, including fruits and vegetables; therefore, such food is not suitable for them.

In New York and California it is forbidden to keep ferrets, because they can escape, form colonies and threaten wildlife.

The ability of ferrets to wade through narrow holes is used for own purposes of people. For example, ferrets have helped Boeing company to lay wires in hard-to-reach parts of the planes. Ferrets were pulling cables in tunnels under the Greenwich Park, so that New Year's Eve London Millennium Concert could take place. Animals were encouraged with the pieces of meat at the other end of the tunnel.

Ferrets are affectionate, playful and intelligent animals. They easily respond to training but their mind is more practical: the ferret would never do something just for the sake of owner’s pleasure.

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